Black Pepper Siew Mai (12pcs/pack)

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Black Pepper Siew Mai

Siew Mai is a popular dim sum that is commonly found in Chinese Restaurants. 

They are little morsels of ground meat wrapped with wonton skin, bursting with freshness, it is so good that every bite is bursting with the freshness and juicy goodness of the filling.

While Siew Mai is traditionally made with pork, our chef came out with a halal version but still preserve the authentic taste of it, so everyone can enjoy its amazing taste.

Siew Mai is best served with a spicy smooth sauce which is commonly sold commercially. Otherwise, the classic Kampong Koh chili sauce is a great match too.

Siew Mai are served best freshly hot and best pairing with a glass of Teh O Panas

See top menu for how to cook.

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